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21 июня, 2024

Slovakia’s Anti-Democratic Government Is Doubling Down

Just as Slovakia entered a moratorium on public speeches and campaigning ahead of this month’s European Parliament elections, Prime [...]


19 июня, 2024

The Way Forward for Services-Led Economic Development

The future of developing countries is in services. This may sound odd in view of the fact that industrialization has been the [...]


18 июня, 2024

Putin’s behavior has strengthened Ukrainian national identity

Two years ago, I outlined eight lessons from the Ukraine War. And though I warned that it was too early to be confident about any [...]


17 июня, 2024

The French political scene is on the verge of chaos

Contrary to expectations, the European elections this month did not bring major political changes to the continent. The political [...]


14 июня, 2024

Economic Development in an Age of Great-Power Competition

Now that the United States has introduced a new set of import tariffs on Chinese goods, the world’s two largest economies appear to be [...]


13 июня, 2024

It will make sense for us to program a concern for the common good into AI

Our ancestors long feared the world-ending wrath of angry gods. But it is only recently that we have developed the capacity to do [...]


12 июня, 2024

Will far-right anti-European parties unite to destroy the European Union from within?

An all-too-familiar specter is haunting Europe, one that reliably appears every five years. As citizens head to the polls to elect a [...]


11 июня, 2024

Israel’s plans to cut off Palestinian financial institutions from the global banking system

Ahead of the recent G7 summit, US Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen, in a rare rebuke of Israel, warned that its plans to cut off [...]


10 июня, 2024

Is the Quad Becoming a Potemkin Alliance?

When four of the Indo-Pacific’s leading democracies – Australia, India, Japan, and the United States – revived the long-dormant Quad in [...]


7 июня, 2024

Averting Climate Catastrophe Requires Economic Growth

Improving energy efficiency is undoubtedly a good thing. But efficiency should not be confused – as it sometimes is – with sufficiency, [...]