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17 мая, 2024

Why did Putin fire Shoigu and appoint Belousov?

In Russia, if a public figure is being prosecuted or punished, two things used to be true: they oppose Vladimir Putin’s rule or his [...]


16 мая, 2024

Don’t Fret About Green Subsidies

A trade war over clean technologies is brewing. The United States and the European Union, worried that Chinese subsidies threaten their [...]


14 мая, 2024

America’s Manufacturing Renaissance Will Create Few Good Jobs

The United States is on a building spree in semiconductors. In early April, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company announced plans [...]


13 мая, 2024

US-China Cooperation Remains Possible

When US Secretary of State Antony Blinken recently visited Beijing in an effort to stabilize relations with China, many of the issues [...]


6 мая, 2024

How to Rebuild Trust in Public Institutions

As voters around the world head to the polls this year, many have lost trust in politicians and even in democracy itself. For [...]


4 мая, 2024

Europe’s Red Tape Is Helping Russia

The European Union’s spending rules and public-procurement processes are plainly inadequate to the threat posed by Russia’s full-scale [...]


3 мая, 2024

Why the EU’s New Migration Pact Matters

Amid escalating geopolitical tensions, and with European Parliament elections looming, the narrow passage earlier this month of the [...]


3 мая, 2024

Taking into account NGO proposals in Kazakhstan’s legislative activities

In March 2012, while holding position of Deputy Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the [...]


29 апреля, 2024

A new perverted chapter in the history of anti-Semitism

It is only April, but we already have a good candidate for photo of the year. On April 12, German police shut down a Palestine Congress [...]


26 апреля, 2024

Joseph S. Nye, Jr.: Оn nuclear risk, American hubris, great-power competition, and more

Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Says More… Project Syndicate: In your new memoir, A Life in the American Century, you describe implementing US [...]