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28 августа, 2023

Rewriting history: why is it so important for the Kremlin?

A revanchist agenda, driven by the desire to rectify perceived historical wrongs, lies at the heart of Russia’s foreign policy and [...]


23 августа, 2023

China: Big Country with an Empty Nest

More than four decades after China began opening up to the world, the Chinese government’s decision-making process remains shrouded in [...]


22 августа, 2023

Putin’s weakness is obvious

No development during Vladimir Putin’s 23 years in power has so clearly pointed to his regime’s fragility as the Wagner Group’s aborted [...]


18 августа, 2023

Why Is Germany’s Far Right Surging?

Over the last two years, Germany’s largest far-right party, the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD), has managed to consolidate the [...]


16 августа, 2023

The fact that somebody must rule does not mean that the same people rule forever

Many political disputes in recent years have been framed as battles between economic rationality and eruptions of irrationality that we [...]


11 августа, 2023

Beijing’s policies and activities are placing the entire world at risk

It is well known that China has the world’s largest navy and coast guard – the result of a tenfold increase in military spending since [...]


27 июля, 2023

Will Biden strike a grand bargain with China?

Will the United States be number three in the new world order? In his forthcoming book, former journalist Hugh Peyman argues that it [...]


20 июля, 2023

Chinese youth in despair: they can’t find a job

In May, China reported that youth unemployment (among those aged 16 to 24) had reached a record-breaking 20.8%, with the high-paying, [...]


11 июля, 2023

Focus on Productivity, Not Technology

Economists have long argued that productivity is the foundation of prosperity. The only way a country can increase its standard of [...]


3 июля, 2023

India and the US seem fated not for marriage but for a long-term partnership

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with US President Joe Biden in the White House this month, many observers saw the makings [...]